Z66DX Kosovo by DL Team;

Last news:
New Dx Pedition valid for DXPT 2020;
Hello HAMs, after many successful DX expeditions together Günter –DL2AWG- and I wondered where the next trip could go.
Because of the very moderate propagation conditions, especially on the upper bands, the search for a suitable entity was not easy.
After all, we also wanted to achieve an impressive number of QSOs and at least give many OMs a new band slot. We thought of 6 participants with the appropriate private technology and low-cost / light wheigt antennas.
After discussing various options, we chose the Republic of Kosovo Z6 as a very young member of the DXCC community. Centrally located and well searched for on various tapes in the Most Wanted lists in the EU, USA and Asia.
We are pleased to announce that we will have 6 OPs between October 15th and 28th, 2020
From 160 to 10m (except 60m) will be 7/24 with up to 3 stations( depending from condx) plus linears as Z66DX from Kosovo QRV.
Focus on low-bands: USA, Asia Modes: CW, SSB, Digi (mostly FT8)
See you in the pile-up!