JW0W Prins Karls Forland EU-063

We are a team of 5-6 operators from LA actively planning to activate Prins Karls Forland Island which is part of the EU-063 IOTA group (Svalbard's coastal island) from the 21/07/21 to the 26/07/21 using the callsign JW0W.
We will focus on the 40/30/20m and other bands if propagation allows of course.
We will be participating in the RSGB IOTA Contest.
Operators are: LB1QI, LB2HG, LA7GIA, LA7QIA and LA8OM. Outside contest the focus will be on NA and Asia. VDA Antennas and verticals next to Saltwater and 1Kw amplifiers.
Radio: K3, KX3, TS590SG with SPE Expert 1.3 and JUMA PA1000.
You can help us covering the costs of this very rare IOTA by donating to jw0wpk@gmail.com
QSL via Charles M0OXO. OQRS Direct and Bureau and Direct QSL.
Full log will be uploaded on LoTW